Armstrong Photography LLC | Your Portraits Session-Frequently Asked Questions


Most of us are not comfortable in front of lens. I grew up in a family that nobody liked to have their picture taken. So I understand there is some anxiety and perhaps alot of questions. I will try and address some of the most frequently asked questions here.


This is undoubtedly the #1 question! The answer is, you can wear what you want! There are a few rules that will make your portraits a little more pleasing to the eye however. If your family is like mine, that portrait can stay on that same wall in Grandma's house for 30 years! My father has a photo of me that is 30 years old still hanging on the wall! So I highly recommend you consider the following basic rules.

  • Don't mix your patterns! - Can you imagine a portrait where one person is wearing stripes and the other polka dots! Yuck!
  • Try to avoid clashing colors. -
  • Colors opposite of what the background will be will really make you stand out! Red on Green, Yellow on Blue, Purple on Orange. These are all good choices. This is not so much a rule but a potential suggestion. Think of a portrait of someone wearing blue clothes against the yellow of cottonwood trees in the autumn. 
  • Neutral colors also work well for portraits.